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Robin Jaranson, Certified Welder

Robin Jaranson, Certified Welder - pictured in 1985 until today, weldingWhile most people are familiar with conventional artists who utilize common fields of art such as painting, drawing, and sculpture, there are other artists who implement techniques and principles of art in different modes, which at first might seem less fitting as an art but are, in fact, equal in artistic value. This very case can be seen in the work of Robin Jaranson, who practices an art which deserves the same level of appreciation as other media. Jaranson, born in 1963, is an example of using art as an application in the real world, an "application artist". As a welder, Jaranson uses depth, dimension, space, and pattern in designing and producing her work. The art of welding is all encompassing for her, as she not only designs and produces her work but also handles the business and art aspects that are involved.

Discovering her love for welding by accident, Jaranson fully embraced this new field with both field experience and education. In addition to acquiring her welding certification, she holds career specialty certificates in Tig, Mig, and Stick Welding processes to compliment her welding career degree from the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois. She is also a board member of the College of Lake County’s Welding Department Advisory Board and a member of the American Welding Society. Her obvious devotion to the field of welding also supports her being the sole owner, artist, and welder of her company, WeldThis. As an artist, she is involved in all aspects of the design of the creations she produces.

Her work serves purpose as both art and function, with the application of the art side of her work including pieces such as tables, coat racks and headboards. Although the repair side of her work would seem to be pretty straight forward, she finds herself improving on the design or support to many of her repair jobs to raise the bar for her welding abilities. "Every weld or 'bead' I run is my signature. It doesn't make a difference to me if it is a repair job or the art side of my work. I want all of my welds to be not only structurally correct, but look good too. That's not only art, it's professionalism." Jaranson serves as an example for other aspiring artists to take their passion and creativity in art and apply it to a field in which they can work while still using their knowledge and love for art as a major driving force of what they do. She considers what she does her passion, not her work, and is grateful for the opportunity to apply her creative side as an art to her work.

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