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The Knotted Candlesticks

The Knotted Candlesticks

Price: $134.99

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The Knotted Candlesticks are just so different, that you will want to decorate your home with them or give them as a gift. They are simple, yet expressive in design.

The stem is made from a 5/8” stylish feature bar with 3 scrolls for a base, and a 4” diameter drip tray. The stem has a knotted look in the middle, which leads into a twisted rope look toward the ends. The large candlestick has the most rope material. You can also order the Knotted Candlesticks individually according to size: the small measures approximately 15.5” in height, the medium is 19.5” in height, and the large is 23” high. They are very sturdy and heavy, and come complete with a 3” candle, color of your choice. The drip tray is a shiny, bare metal finish, while the stem and base are all rusted. The entire candlestick is coated with a glossy varnish finish. All 3 sizes together make for a nice ensemble.

Custom candle color available upon request*.