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King Size Synergy Headboard

Synergy Headboard

Price: $1,375

* If you would like to request a custom color combination, please fill in the box below.

A statement in synergy-art combined with handcrafted home decor, this Synergy Headboard is a one-of-a kind addition to any bedroom. This item combines a wood grain border with three dimensional leaves and scrolls, and rustic spindles that twist and turn and knot in unpredictable locations. The International Symbol of Synergy™ design by Nector7™ in the middle of this headboard couldn’t be more perfectly placed than in a bedroom headboard. The rusted patina with spar varnish coating create a beautiful and natural look. This is not your ordinary mass-produced headboard!

Made of solid forged bar and ornamental leaves and scrolls, this headboard is secured with the built-in floor and wall mount brackets. All hardware is included. Available in a variety of bed sizes. This item is handcrafted and fabricated per order only. Therefore, in order to rust this item to a beautiful patina, please allow 2-3 months for delivery. If you do not wish to have this item rusted, you may specify a paint color, and delivery can be expected within one month.

Additional headboard sizes are available in Queen size, sold for $1,275.00, Double/Full size, sold for $1,175.00 and a Twin size, sold for $875.00. Please select the bed size of your choice when ordering.

This is just one of many items that incorporate the Nector7™ design. Please visit our good friends at Nector7™ to appreciate the intrinsic value to the International Symbol of Synergy™ and their many other items available.

Custom color combinations available upon request*.