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Wood Stove Ornamental Accessory

Wood Stove Ornamental Accessory

Price: $325.00

* If you would like to request a custom color combination, please fill in the box below.
Horseshoe Added:

The Wood Stove Ornamental Accessory is the perfect answer to jazzing up that boring and sometimes unsightly wood stove pipe. The used horseshoes are authentic, and give a special theme to this artwork. Notice the detail in the unpredictable vines that twist and turn among the leaves and wood grain branch. The pictures for this item were taken just after fabrication, and there will be more to follow soon once this item is rusted to a beautiful patina. Everything will be rusted except for the horseshoes once it is completely finished. We just couldn’t wait to put it on our site for you to see! Turn your wood stove pipe into an artistic statement!

Made of solid forged wood grain bar and ornamental leaves and scrolls, this item secures to your wood stove pipe with a universal clamp toward the top, and rests on the top of the stove at the bottom. All hardware is included. This item is handcrafted and fabricated per order only. Therefore, in order to rust this item to a beautiful patina, please allow 2-3 months for delivery. If you do not wish to have this item rusted, you may specify a paint color, and delivery can be expected within one month. All paints are heat safe. You may also eliminate the horseshoes in the options area.

Custom color combinations available upon request*.