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Welding Repairs

Fix it, don't buy new! You would be surprised at what can be repaired with a good weld and be like new again. In these hard economic times, repair work fits into the budget. The demand for repair work exceeds 80% of our actual welding services we provide to our customers. All welding processes are available and several materials are serviceable.

Call Robin Jaranson, Certified Welder, at (847) 363-5856 for a free estimate on your repair work. Everything from simple to complex is handled with state of the art equipment, and is backed by years of formal education and hands on experience. Your repair is just a phone call away!

Welding Repair ServicesWelded repairs images

  • Welding Repairs done at The Shop
  • Mobile Field Service Available Locally
  • Custom Fabrication Work
  • Decorative Work/Artwork
  • Prototype Welding
  • Small Production Shop
  • Quality Workmanship
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Service
  • Reasonable Rates
  • References Available

Welding Processes Available

  • Tig (GTAW)
  • Mig (GMAW)
  • Stick (SMAW)

Welding Materials Serviced

  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Cast Aluminum/Iron
  • 4130 Chromoly

In addition to welding repairs, we also provide repair diagnosis which involves evaluating the weakness of a piece or design and fabricating a preventative solution.

Repaired Items

  • Mower decks, Trailers, Log Splitters
  • Disability Scooters, Snowmobiles, Snowblowers
  • Vehicle Parts, Aluminum Wheels, Tranny Cases
  • Benches, Gates, Tractors
  • Pontoon Boats, Lake Piers, Shore Stations
  • Food Service Items and Machines for Restaurants
  • Commercial Machinery and Tools
  • And many more!

Field service available in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. Please call (847) 363-5856 for separate field rates.