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Vintage Midget Weathervane

Vintage Midget Weathervane

Price: $249.99

* If you would like to request a custom car style, number and/or color combination, please fill in the boxes below.
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This Classic Vintage Midget Weathervane is a trip down memory lane when the Offenhauser powered midgets ruled from coast to coast. It measures 36" wide x 40" high. This item is beautifully painted with a glossy spar varnish finish to keep it weather-resistant. The directionals are 4" in height, with 2 steel decorative copper painted globes, all attached to a very strong 3/4" chromolly tubing. There will be no bending in the wind for this weathervane! The midget ornament itself measures 17" wide by 9" in height. From the tip of the copper arrowhead to the tail of the checkered flags, the arrow measures 36" wide. To purchase the roof mount, see below. Any race or car nut would proudly display this weathervane!

Custom color combinations available upon request*.

**Purchase the roof mount if you do not currently have a mount. You may purchase the standart roof mount, or the ridge vent roof mount. Both mounts come complete with stainless steel hardware.

Fill in the boxes above to personalize this weathervane by chosing your own car style & color, and racing number if applicable.